The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society

About Us

The object of The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society (TBETHS) is to arouse interest in, and to preserve material and information related to the natural, built and documentary heritage of the east end of Toronto, specifically defined as within the City of Toronto between Coxwell Avenue and Victoria Park Avenue, and between Lake Ontario and the southern boundary of the former Borough of East York.

Toronto annexation map showing TBETHS boundaries, compiled by John Ellis, 2021 Google map of TBETHS boundaries, created by Rob Rohr, 2016

The East Toronto and Beaches Historical Society was formed by local residents in 1974, at the invitation of staff at Beaches and Main Street (then Eastern) branches of Toronto Public Library. It was incorporated by the Ontario Historical Society in 1978 (Corporation #467609). In the 1990s, the membership adopted the operating name of The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society. They agreed that “The Beach” was more accurate historically and, since it was better known, should be placed before “East Toronto” in the name. The revision of the Society’s corporate name was formally recognized by Supplementary Letters Patent in 2014.

Our activities include:

  • Presenting historical talks and walking tours
  • Maintaining a website and a FaceBook page
  • Writing about the area’s history
  • Advocating for local heritage
  • Nominating properties and districts to the Toronto Heritage Register
  • Recommending sites for heritage plaques and assisting with the text
  • Developing indexes and finding aids to local history information
  • Responding to requests about our area’s history
  • Maintaining an archives

    The Society is an affiliate of the Ontario Historical Society, and a member of the Toronto Historical Association. In 2018, it won Heritage Toronto’s Community Heritage Award in recognition of its extraordinary contribution.


    More Homes Built Faster
    Link to full size summary

    TBETHS Submission to Ontario Standing Committee on Heritage,
    Infrastructure, and Cultural Policy, Bill 23.
    The More Homes Built Faster Act, November 17, 2022

    2018 Heritage Toronto award to TBETHS
    Barb Myrvold
    Barbara Myrvold, Beach Citizen of the Year

    1976 Sports meeting
    Courtesy TPL Digital Archive

    1984 Toronto Sesquicentennial Exhibit
    Opening at Beaches Library.
    L to R, Barbara Myrvold, President
    Rod Travers-Griffin, Mayor Art Eggleton

    1984 Toronto Sesquicentennial Exhibit Viewing,
    Beaches Library

    2015 Kew Williams House plaque presentation,
    Kew Gardens

    2017 Gene Domagala leads a walk.

    2018 Accepting Heritage Toronto Award
    Barbara Myrvold, Clyde Robinson, Glenn Chadwick

    BOARD of DIRECTORS, 2023
    Jonathan Bradshaw, President
    Vice-President, position currently vacant
    Katherine Vice, Secretary
    Julita Tyszewicz, Treasurer, Membership Secretary
    Glenn Chadwick, Events Coordinator
    Barbara Myrvold, Project Lead Card Index Automation, Website Committee Chair
    Mary Campbell, At Large