The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society

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The mandate of the Beach and East Toronto Historical Society is to foster and promote interest in the social, cultural and architectural history of the area from Coxwell Avenue east to Victoria Park Avenue and from Lake Ontario north to the old boundary between the former City of Toronto and the Borough of East York.

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1976 TBETHS Sport meeting
1976 Sports meeting
Courtesy TPL Digital Archive

1984 Toronto Sesquicentennial Exhibit
Opening at Beaches Library.
L to R, Barbara Myrvold, Rod Travers-Griffin,
Mayor Art Eggleton

1984 Toronto Sesquicentennial Exhibit Viewing,
Beaches Library

The Beach started out as a summer retreat for city dwellers in the 1870s, and was never formally incorporated. East Toronto began as a railroad centre, and was an incorporated village and then a town from 1888 until 1908. The whole area was annexed to the City of Toronto in 1909.

The Society was formed by local residents in 1974, at the invitation of staff at Beaches and Main Street (then Eastern) branches of Toronto Public Library, to preserve and promote the history of the local area.

Over the intervening years, the volunteer society has presented regular meetings at the local libraries and other venues around the area; offered walking tours; coordinated research projects funded by the federal government’s Summer Canada employment programs in 1983, 1984 and 1987; assisted Heritage Toronto in the production of historical plaques and worked with Toronto Public Library on the publication of two local history books: The Beach in Pictures and Historical Walking Tour of Kew Beach.

The Society is an affiliate of the Ontario Historical Society, and a member of the Toronto Historical Association.

A special thanks to

  • Pete Richardson of Tayson Information Technology for designing and maintaining our website
  • Beaches Branch, Toronto Public Library for co-sponsoring our events
  • Community Centre 55, for providing space for our Directors’ meetings


    The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society
    BOARD of DIRECTORS, 2019-2020

    Uwe Semhrau. President; Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Chair
    Clyde Robinson. Vice‐President. Web Committee Chair
    Mary Campbell. Treasurer
    Deborah Livingston‐Lowe. Social Media Coordinator
    Barbara Myrvold. Project Lead, Card Index Automation. Website Editor
    Glenn Chadwick. Events Coordinator
    John Ellis. Secretary. Membership Secretary
    52 Rainsford Road, Toronto Ontario M4L 3N6 416‐694‐3288

    Annual General Meeting Reports:

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