The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society


The Society presents regular programs on subjects of local, historical interest.
They are free of charge and open to the public.
Some of Our Recent Events and Presentations have been recorded and can be viewed here.

Saturday, June 29 - 1:00PM
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Recorded Events

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Past Events












Lane Naming and Dedication
in Honour of Gene Domagala

Saturday, May 13, at 1pm
Gene will lead a tour along Gerrard Street starting at Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church, 2029 Gerrard St. E at Golfview and ending at the India Bazaar on Gerrard Street.
Saturday, May 27, will feature a tour of the historic St. Johns Cemetery, Woodbine and Kingston Road. (Two separate start times 11am and 2pm.)
Author:Mike Filey
Toronto-Then and Now
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Historian and Volunteer with the
Malvern Red & Black Society
David Fuller
100th Anniversary of the Battle for Vimy Ridge
Experiences and Stories of local Heroes

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Historian and Author
Sandra Joyce
Remembering the Forgotten
The Story of the British Home Children

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Events Archive

Historian and Author
Joanne Doucette
The "Streetcar Suburbs" of Beach Hill
The Extension of the Gerrard Street East Streetcar Lines
and Development of the Historic Beach Hill Neighbourhood

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Historian and Volunteer with the
Malvern Red & Black Society
David Fuller
Researching your Military Ancestor
Uncovering the stories of local Military Heroes

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Historian and Author
Barbara Myrvold
Architecture in the
Beach and East Toronto

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Jean Cochrane: Dentonia Farm, the Massey Family and City Dairy
The story of the Massey owned Dentonia Dairy Farm which was located at Victoria Park and Danforth Avenue

David Fuller: Volunteering for the Great War
Malvern Men Enlist to Defend an Empire 1915
Tuesday November 10 2015 7-8:15 pm

Dena Doreszenko: Meet the Ashbridges
The People, History and the Archaeology
of the Ashbridge Estate

Tuesday October 6 2015

Kew Williams House Plaque Unveiling
Plaque Presentation and Walking Tour
Saturday Sept. 12 1-3:30 pm
30 Lee Avenue, Kew Gardens

June 23, 2015
Kew Williams House Plaque Unveiling
Beach Walk and Plaque Unveiling Saturday September 12 1-3:30pm
1pm - Kew Williams House,
Heritage Toronto Plaque Presentation,
30 Lee Avenue, Kew Gardens
1:30pm - Beach Walk,
led by historian Barbara Myrvold
Gardeners Cottage Kew Gardens c.1912
Kew Williams House 1905
Walking Tour with Gene Domagala
Queen Street west from Lee Avenue to Lockwood Road
Saturday June 20 2015 1-3pm
Richard Hazzard: A History of Riverdale Collegiate 1907-2007
Tuesday May 19 2015
Guylaine Petrin: The Story of Mary Mink
Tuesday March 10 2015

Joanne Doucette: The History of Ashbridges Bay
Tuesday April 14 2015

Gene Domagalas Toronto
December 2
David Van Dyke
The Beach: Then and Now
Tuesday October 28
Mike Filey
Tuesday June 24
Carol Radford-Grant
Beaches Library 2161 Queen St. E
Jean Cochrane:
100 Years Ago in the Beach
Tuesday March 25
Carole Stimmell
Saving Historic Buildings:
A Tale with Three Endings
Tuesday February 26