The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society

Newmarket Race Course and the Gates family

Big Time Horse Racing on the Danforth, 1853 to 1912

Introduction      Acknowledgements       Excerpt:Danforth in Pictures
      Charles Gates years, 1853 to 1872       Later years, 1872 to 1912 (coming soon)


I am grateful to Melanie Milanich and John Ellis of the Beach and East Toronto Historical Society for first drawing my attention to the current lack of awareness about the track and its owners, and for providing the foundation (and the title) for the current articles.

I have added a good deal of information from several online databases , all freely available to Toronto Public Library cardholders, which were not available when I wrote my original piece almost 40 years ago. Most useful were Ancestry, Canadiana Online, and the historical newspaper archives of the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. Thanks also to Mary Campbell for her editorial suggestions.